Visibility is everything for Level Eleven's Skybar

Unique Insights #3

In the Unique Insights series, we take a look behind the scenes at unique locations in Amsterdam. How do they tackle the challenges of organizing events for the 1.5 metre society? Eline Weeber, the commercial manager at Level Eleven, talks about their Skybar.

‘Last year we launched the Skybar over the summer months, so the idea is not completely new,’ explains Eline. ‘But we have done it a bit differently, with fewer tables, hand sanitizer everywhere, and here and there an arrow to show the way. However, the biggest challenge was to make certain people could find us. So we’ve posted flyers all around the neighbourhood, advertised on social media, and sent out press releases … and now the name “Skybar” is visible in huge letters on the building. You can see the sign from Amsterdam Central Station. As a result, we are also attracting a lot of tourists.’

From congresses to birthday parties
‘Usually, we host parties for businesses, dinners and congresses for around 150 guests,’ adds Eline. ‘But while enforcing 1.5 metres between guests, our capacity has been significantly reduced to 50 or 60 guests. So of course, that’s not nearly as many people, yet all of a sudden, our venue has become quite attractive for birthday parties and other smaller gatherings. We offer a large enough space to maintain distance that wouldn’t be possible in a typical café. We’re therefore even considering continuing with the Skybar until sometime in the autumn.’

Important to maintain your visibility
What advice does Eline have to offer to the event industry? ‘Even if everything is completely on hold, it’s important to maintain your visibility,’ suggests the commercial manager. ‘For example, when it turned out that we would have to close, we updated the website and we got in touch with people who had existing bookings. And after a while, I started calling our customers, not to make sales calls, but simply to ask them how they were doing.

Golden ticket
It’s now Eline’s turn to pass on the Golden Ticket. About which unique location in Amsterdam does she want to find out how they’ve handled a particular event? ‘The place I would like to hear, she replies, is De DuifA beautiful historical venue on the Prinsengracht and the combination of culture and event location is a very exciting one. I’m curious to find out what they’ve done since they’ve re-opened for visitors.’

Visibility is everything for Level Eleven's Skybar